Incorporating your favourite box set into your wedding…it can be done…creatively!

Are you getting married? Are you and your partner total fanatics of a particular box set?  Why not create a bit of a theme at your wedding by having your table plan and matching table stationery in the style of your favourite box set and create a real talking point among your guests at your wedding!  Who will be sat with Tommy Shelby, Rachel Zane, Delboy, Jon Snow, Rick Grimes…you decide!

Peaky Blinders

“Sit Down By Order of the Peaky Blinders!”


Head back to the Victoran times and sit down to dinner with this gangster family. Whose table would you like to be sat on? The haunting backdrop and stunning character images would create a fabulous feature at your event. The plan is supplied with a complete set of matching table name cards all of which feature the relevant character image and a quotation.  On the sample, the Top Table is called ‘Tommy and Grace Shelby’ so the table name card features this quotation….

Game of Thrones

Yer Jalan Atthirari Anni (“Moon of My Life” in Dothraki)

Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni (“My Sun and Stars” in Dothraki)


This is a striking table plan featuring the emblems of the family houses which feature on the matching table stationery.  If you are having a smaller wedding this little number is a bit special with each guest assigned a specific character – it doesn’t get any more personal than that! Colours can easily be altered to compliment your wedding colours.


Star Wars

“May the Force Be With You” on your big day!


Instead of Star Wars characters as the names for the tables this design utilises the planets from the Star Wars film, and on each table name card you can list the statistics of that particular planet. The names on the table name card can also feature the guest names in the style as they appear in the credits keeping in style with the whole Star Wars theme!


Only Fools and Horses

“Creme de la menthe!

Onll Fools & HorsesonlyfoolsbwportOnly Fools & Horsesgrey

An absolute classic with tables named after your chosen characters in colours and styling that would compliment your big day.  ‘Please Take A Seat….Bon Apetit!’

For those of you who would like to implement a bit of a theme but have classic styling, why not hand pick the design you fancy and simply swap your table names for numbers.  This way the styling is more subtle but you are still having that ‘tongue in cheek’ element your guests will love. As shown here…


Add a quirky edge to your wedding by featuring your boxset guilty pleasure in your wedding celebrations. I totally love styling these, so if you are interested do get in touch. I have ‘Live Chat’ on my website page at

I can’t wait to hear from you and help create something unique!

Jane x

p.s. I create these for all types of events, not just weddings!

Integrating a football theme into your Wedding Breakfast can be stylish…

Hello! Love it or hate it, football is a popular choice of theme for a wedding reception,  so I thought I’d share a set of designs on the blog today to illustrate how you can integrate this theme into your table plan and table stationery.

I have a great deal of experience in designing seating plans for weddings and corporate events, and they usually take shape in some form of theme from Game of Thrones, Cocktails,  James Bond, Superheroes, Disney, Horror, Movies and Sport. The list is endless.

Out of the sport inspired table plans the football designs are by far the most popular. I have a portfolio of  football stadium designs, all of which come with a range of table stationery to create a complete theme at the wedding or event. The designs are simple and stylish with the tables named after your favourite players – past and present, with the option for mirrored gold or silver titling a the top of the plan and a simple border inlay applied around the edge to really set the design off.  Impressive A1 in size,supplied laminated and mounted to rigid board, perfect displayed on a standard easel (most wedding venues supply).



More often than not the bride-to-be gets in touch looking to purchase this as a surprise gift for her partner, or, the husband-to-be sees it as a chance to have his ‘stamp’ on the big day, or both partners are football fanatics and its a done deal!

This style of table plan is available for any team so please do get in touch with details of which team you support. My email is

Matching table stationery completes the look and has been designed to compliment the table plan although colours can be altered to suit your wedding colourings if you prefer a more subtle design.  I can also add images of your favourite players to the table name cards as you can see from the samples attached…


These fabulous designs can be adapted to suit any party size – shown below in the Tottenham Hotspur styled design, for a party of 18 tables photographed with a duplicate seating plan which was placed elsewhere in the reception so that the guests didn’t bottleneck.


If you are thinking of a way of somehow integrating football into your wedding, this could be the perfect solution.

Thank you for visiting the blog. For more wedding table plan inspiration please visit and get in touch if you have any queries.

Jane x

Are you getting married at a beautiful wedding venue?

It’s pretty standard these days to expect to have to wait months or years to get married in the wedding venue of your choice, so why not celebrate the beauty of your chosen venue through your seating plan and table stationery?  The sketch effect venue table is the perfect keepsake to cherish long after the confetti has been swept up!

Large Hall

Whether you are getting married in an old hall, family home, local park, church or a quirky venue this style of seating plan is totally unique to you!  You supply a photograph of the venue and I will convert it to a painted or sketch effect image which we can use across the  stationery.  Keep to tradition and number the tables, or choose a theme and name the tables whatever you wish.


Kenwood House, Hampstead


Hambacher-Schloss in sepia tones


Stowe House, Buckinghamshire


Wantage Hall, Reading – with matching table number cards


Your church

What’s not to love?

If there are any wedding venues out there who would like a sample sketch-effect table plan for display do get in touch with me at as I would love to hear from you.

Have a great weekend all,

Jane x

High end wedding table plan on a budget!

Looking to create your own wedding table plan?

Hello! I am keeping things simple today introducing some super new DIY wedding table plan kits which I have designed for those of you who are keen to create their own table plan and stationery but aren’t sure where to start.  Rustic styled seating plans continue to be popular and so this ‘peg n twine’ combination sits perfectly if that is the vibe you are looking to achieve at your Wedding Breakfast.

The kits that I have designed ensure you have absolutely everything you need to create a theme at your Wedding Breakfast.  A printed table plan back board (A1 printed design, laminated and mounted to rigid plastic board) in a theme along with a full set of co-ordinating themed stationery cards specifically designed with blank space for you to hand write or stick your own printed information into, plus pegs and twine to complete the look.

All you need to do is add your information to the cards supplied either by printing your own information or, keep it really personal and write the cards by hand.

Oh so pretty BURLAP and LACE




name the tables after locations you have visited together


FLORALS in baby blue and pastel pink hues

A simple block colour design to perfectly match your wedding colour is also available as a kit, simply email a colour swatch and I can create proofs for you before sending out the kit.

More design options will be added regularly but should you have any suggestions do get in touch and I’ll see if I can help.

And of course, if you love the look of these kits but don’t want the hassle of adding the guest list yourself, the exact same packages can be supplied printed with your information. These are listed here.  You would simply need to hang the cards with the pegs and twine supplied….too easy!

Thanks for visiting the blog!

And Happy Valentine’s 2016,

Jane x


Complete package details listed below, to suit a wedding party of up to 12 tables (appx 120 guests) £99.
  • 1 x 90 x 60cm board in your chosen design.
  • 120 guest name cards (9cm a 6cm folded to 9cm x 3cm)
  • 14 single sided A6 cards – for use on the table plan
  • 28 double sided A6 cards – for use as table name cards/menus for the table
  • 2 letterbox cards for title and or/top table
  • pegs and twine for assembly



Football Themed Wedding Table Plans


Are you keen to integrate the theme into your wedding day but not sure how to go about it?


Is your other half football mad? This is a great way to let them have their ‘stamp’ on the big day.


Make your partners day and surprise them with a wedding seating plan of their favourite football team!

Here at, football themed wedding table plans triumphed as the best sellers in 2015. In addition to other sports and all sorts of vintage and floral designs football was definitely at the top spot in popularity! Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and Liverpool FC were headlining acts!

Stadium Photo Football Table Plans


Complete with optional coordinated wedding stationery such as wedding menus, table name/number cards, individual place name cards, Order of Service and Thank You cards the theme can run throughout.



Photo plans can be adapted to suit your team and your football legends and colours can also be adjusted accordingly. The above design is a ‘photo plan’ with images of your chosen players utilised on both the wedding table plan and table name cards. I can also add player statistics to the individual table name cards.

Classic Football Table Plans

A simple stadium image sets the backdrop to the Classic Football Table Plan. The hand finished gold or silver titling and border inlay sets these plans off making them the perfect wedding keepsake.

Here we showcase Manchester United FC, Chelsea FC, Tottenham FC and Leicester City FC

Plans are available for all teams complete with matching stationery. If you can’t see your team just email me on with all the details of your requirements. The stationery takes a classic edge offering a subtlety to the theme so as not to overpower.


Whether it is a table plan with images of your favourite players or a simple classic stadium design, the football styled designs are the perfect way to integrate your love of football.  Uniquely designed with your chosen players and legends, this styling doubles up as the perfect keepsake to display at home after the wedding day!

Other football and sport themed wedding table plans are on the website, here

Thank you for bobbing by. Do leave a comment to let me know you have visited and email me with any queries….


Jane x


Football Wedding Themes

Hello. And welcome back to the blog.  I am feeling very happy this weekend, incredibly proud of my little online business which is exceeding my expectations.  It has taken a while, and everyone who knows me sees my regular struggle with work-family balance but when I look back on what I have achieved in 2014 and the feedback I get, its evident each and every customer totally appreciates the personal and creative service I offer. And hey, that feels good.

With that wind in my wings, I have a host of alternative table plan styling ideas I just can’t wait to share with you – something a little different from the norm  – all will be revealed in the coming months!

Today however, is all about FOOTBALL wedding table plans! 

Surprisingly one of the most popular table plan themes,ever!  Be it the bride and groom supporting the same team, supporting opposing teams, or simply the opportunity for the groom to have his stamp on the wedding!

All table plan designs are available with coordinating personalised stationery such as individual place name cards, table name cards and menus to create a unique and memorable theme at your wedding breakfast. This set below are a simple classic version with the tables set as player shirts, with the club logo featuring on the plan and the shirts.  The couple can personalise the plan by choosing their favourite players.  This classic football design is easily adapted to a specific team.


Another styling option is the SKY sports theme, again simply altering the football club logo, and player names to suit, and add a unique personalisation to the table stationery for great impact!


The stadium design is also stunning design, hand finished with silver or gold titling and border inlay.  With tables named after favourite players, past and present this is a great football plan which doubles up as the perfect keepsake to display on your wall at home!


As the SKY sports themed proved to popular the design has now evolved into a European League version which is more of a photo plan as each table is represented by a specific football shirt design.  And these football shirts change their design every year so I know this design is going to prove challenging but it is certainly worth the effort.


I also produce some great PHOTO styled football themed table plans plans and I will share more of these next time when I look at the other sport relating wedding table plan themes I have recently designed.  For now tho, I leave you with this Southampton version, on which we sourced facts about the individual players to create a talking point amongst the wedding guests as they sat down to the Wedding Breakfast.  What better way to showcase your love for your favourite team! I also attach the customers lovely note of thanks – the reason I am in love with this little business.


Good morning, Just a very quick note to thank Jane and the team at Wedding Table Plans so very much for such a fantastic job on our table plan, which looks wonderful. It arrived at my office first thing this morning and I’m absolutely thrilled. Jane was a joy to work with. She understood our brief of a fun football themed plan incorporating our shared love of Southampton FC and including Saints legends past and present, even some obscure and joke ones. I sourced the pictures and we worked together on every aspect of the plan and table name cards, Jane communicating with me superbly every step of the way. The whole process was fun and completely stress free and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and the team. Superb! All the best, Lorelei (and Joe)
Thank you for dropping by, I really appreciate you bobbing over to have a look!
Until next time….
Jane x


Hello 2015 and the world of Blogging!

Its a cold wintery Sunday morning here in the UK, but perfect timing to kick start a new blog dedicated to following wedding trends and creative styling!

The idea of the blog is not only to inspire newly engaged couples with creative ideas and wedding trends but also to share my journey with life and the online business which I manage with a little help from my husband and his exhibition business, Love Displays Ltd.

So….who and what is

I am Jane and I am I set up the business after starting a family, keen to develop a creative business that would fit in with new family life. I had always been self employed working as a designer alongside my husband in the exhibition industry, and returning to work happened to be a time when our circle of friends were tying the knot.  I found myself designing and producing their wedding table plans. The designs were so well received that it seemed a natural move to create a simple website to sell my designs online…

That was 8 years ago, and the site has since seen significant development with new designs and table stationery added to the extensive portfolio as wedding trends shift.

The print and finish of my table plan designs is done ‘in house’ by my husbands production team, who take great care with each and every order ensuring we exceed customer expectations.  Its a great process as I liaise with the customers and complete the design from start to finish and oversee production and dispatch offering a very unique and personal service which I take great pride in delivering.

Aswell as sharing my office space with my husbands business I also have a special little four legged helper called Mabel who is always by my side, today keeping my feet toasty warm as I set up this blog. Mabel is my working cocker spaniel who certainly does work weekdays at our office hanging out with my colleagues spaniel, Leah. These two are gorgeous together. No doubt they will feature heavily on the blog too…

mabelcute2 copy

What to expect from the blog

If you are engaged to be married and considering a theme for your Wedding Reception, follow the blog as I share styles and ideas to suit all tastes.  Oh and if you like Iike cute spaniels how can you resist following Mabel and Leah 🙂

Thank you for visiting and I look forward to sharing ‘life’ with you in 2015.   Jane x