Football Themed Wedding Table Plans

Hello! It has been a while since I posted so just wanted to put up some of my latest football wedding table designs as I have quite a few different styles now! All of my plans are mounted and laminated to rigid board so that they are ‘easel ready’ and most are hand finished with a mirrored silver or gold title to add a lovely finishing touch to the design.  The tables can be named after your favourite players, past and present, or your favourite stadiums or stands….whatever you want.

Whatever your team I have a design for you.  If you can’t see your favourite team listed here, bob over to the website: where there is a whole array of listings, and if you can’t see what you are after there just get in touch and I can create one just for you!

First up we have the simple stadium designs – these feature an image of the relevant football stadium along with tables in colourings to compliment the team colours. Check out these examples:

Stadium Designs

Next up is the stadium designs which also feature photos of the players on the table plan and any optional matching table stationery.

Player Photo Plans

Football shirt wedding table plans

Instead of using photographs in the design the colours of the shirts are picked out and the logo applied to the sleeves of each shirt to create a stunning design which represents the tables as players on the pitch.   Again you pick out the names of the players you would want to use.

My team verses your team!

This styling has become so popular over the last couple of years.  When your partner supports a rival team to you this is THE best talking point for your Wedding Breakfast!

Football team v Disney characters

Oh and if one of you loves football, and the other Disney look at this super cute option!


Wedding Table Stationery

These designs are available with matching football wedding table stationery or with simple classic wedding stationery. It is entirely your choice and all of which are personalised to suit your big day.

Any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to help create the perfect football wedding table plan design which will be a real focal point for your wedding guests.

Jane x

Integrating a football theme into your Wedding Breakfast can be stylish…

Hello! Love it or hate it, football is a popular choice of theme for a wedding reception,  so I thought I’d share a set of designs on the blog today to illustrate how you can integrate this theme into your table plan and table stationery.

I have a great deal of experience in designing seating plans for weddings and corporate events, and they usually take shape in some form of theme from Game of Thrones, Cocktails,  James Bond, Superheroes, Disney, Horror, Movies and Sport. The list is endless.

Out of the sport inspired table plans the football designs are by far the most popular. I have a portfolio of  football stadium designs, all of which come with a range of table stationery to create a complete theme at the wedding or event. The designs are simple and stylish with the tables named after your favourite players – past and present, with the option for mirrored gold or silver titling a the top of the plan and a simple border inlay applied around the edge to really set the design off.  Impressive A1 in size,supplied laminated and mounted to rigid board, perfect displayed on a standard easel (most wedding venues supply).



More often than not the bride-to-be gets in touch looking to purchase this as a surprise gift for her partner, or, the husband-to-be sees it as a chance to have his ‘stamp’ on the big day, or both partners are football fanatics and its a done deal!

This style of table plan is available for any team so please do get in touch with details of which team you support. My email is

Matching table stationery completes the look and has been designed to compliment the table plan although colours can be altered to suit your wedding colourings if you prefer a more subtle design.  I can also add images of your favourite players to the table name cards as you can see from the samples attached…


These fabulous designs can be adapted to suit any party size – shown below in the Tottenham Hotspur styled design, for a party of 18 tables photographed with a duplicate seating plan which was placed elsewhere in the reception so that the guests didn’t bottleneck.


If you are thinking of a way of somehow integrating football into your wedding, this could be the perfect solution.

Thank you for visiting the blog. For more wedding table plan inspiration please visit and get in touch if you have any queries.

Jane x